CHF #96W Cocoa Wafers 120 Wafers




*Expired products are safe to take, they are just a little less potent.*

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CHF #96W

Cocoa Wafers

We all know that cocoa is used to make chocolate; however, most of us may not know that cocoa is actually a fruit and its actually one of the healthiest fruits commonly eaten by man.  Raw cocoa is full of anti-oxidants; it actually has the highest anti-oxidant value of all the natural foods in the world.  Recent studies have shown a link between cocoa and may help reduced risk of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Organic dark chocolate, like our CHF #96W, is the healthiest form of chocolate.  Many of the natural chemical compounds in raw cocoa and organic dark chocolate have been discussed in scientific literature as being pharmacologically significant to health.  Some of the natural substances are Magnesium (good for healthy heart function), Serotonin (anti-stress neurotransmitter), and Tryptophan (anti-depressant amino acid) among others.  Dark chocolate has appetite suppressant properties, which means that dark chocolate could also help you lose weight.  A 2006 clinical study by Swiss researchers found that dark chocolate may also help prevent the hardening of the arteries, which is often linked to smoking.  This is an unprocessed cocoa.  Almost all other cocoas have been heated to over 80 degrees, which destroys some of the good properties.  The unprocessed cocoa has also been known to help with libido in both men and women.

Cornell University food scientists discovered that cocoa powder has nearly twice the anti-oxidants of red wine, and up to three times the anti-oxidants found in green tea.

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Weight 2.9 oz


#96W “COCOA”


DESCRIPTION: A non-processed cocoa.

INDICATIONS: Use #96W as an anti oxidant.  May decrease undesired platelet activity.  May also help to control blood pressure.


Each four (4) wafers contains:   Amount per serving                 %DV

Proprietary Blend………………………4,580 mg…………………………….**

Cocoa (powder and extract) in a base of Honey and Stevia.

**Daily value not established

OTHER INGREDIENTS:  Silica (anti-caking) and Vegetable Stearine.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, four (4) wafers daily or as directed. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician before using this or any supplement. Keep out of the reach of children.

SUPPLIED:   120 wafers per bottle



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