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Sore Muscles & Sports Injuries

Sore Muscles & Sports Injuries

School winter sports like basketball and wrestling are starting and many students will be using muscles that haven’t been used in a while, and even those who work hard and play hard all vear round are subjected to the soreness of over worked muscles.

When you engage your muscles in strenuous activity, you are actually tearing your muscle fiber. These fibers tear all the way along the whole muscle. The muscle fibers will grow back larger and thicker, increasing your muscle size and strength. Unfortunately, this usually results in muscle soreness or fatigue.

Most people believe that lactic acid is the culprit for immediate muscle soreness. When using the same muscles repeatedly, they may begin to burn and will eventually feel fatigued.

The burning sensation comes from lactic acid being flushed into your muscles. However, muscle soreness that sets in 24 to 48 hours after a workout is not due to lactic acid. When the muscle has been torn, fluid retention occurs in those areas. While the muscle tear itself may cause some mild discomfort, the actual pain comes from the sacs of fluid which often presents itself on nerve endings causing the muscle pain.

One of the greatest allies of muscle pain is sleep. Muscles repair the most during sleep, so try to get at least eight hours. Drink plenty of water as the water will help to rebuild muscle tissues. Try taking good supplements. Supplements won’t always necessarily prevent the muscle soreness, but they can help to rebuild the muscle tissues. CHF#10 Sports Injure helps keep elasticity, relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation and along with CHF# 88 Revive may help rebuild the muscles. CHF#14 Multi Mineral has 72 trace minerals the body needs that are essential for normal biochemical functions. CHF#2 Cal Mag is important to the bones, cartilage and structure of the body. CHF#4 Vit E. may help in reducing muscle inflammation.

For soreness, CHF#77 Sports Creme is a wonderful way to sooth the muscles. To try and help reduce the muscle soreness before it happens, try CHF#11 Vit. C Energy Drink which is full of electrolvtes.

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