I have a diabetic patient who came to me for blood appraisal on June 1st. His blood sugar was 282! I put him on a protocol including CHF #15 Berberine HCL and he called me today (June 18th), to tell me he is feeling great. Has energy, his blood sugar is stable at 70-92 every day, and he has lost 10 pounds! I put him on: CHF #15 Berberine HCL, #93 Vitamin D, #57C Immune Multi, #24 Adrenl, #22 Zinc, #40 Colostrum, #35 Acidophilus, #49 Olive Leaf + (had a bad infection on his leg…could see down to the bone!), and #12 Liver. He says his wound is healing just fine!!

Thank you for continuing to support us with the most powerful supplements on the market.

Jean Jockisch

From Central Illinois

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