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COLD & FLU Season

Cold & Flu Season

Now that fall is here and the colder temperatures are settling among us, the common cold and flu season has come with it. For a variety of reasons, more people are getting sick and you are bound to hear many things blamed for the rise in illnesses. Some may be accurate and some not, but how do you know which is which? For instance, some thoughts are that the colder weather may promote the development of the flu or colds, another report said it may be a lack of sun robbing vour body of

CHF# Vit C

Get ready for the flu season

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the vitamin D it needs to support the immune svstem. The reason we seem to be sick more in the winter and colder months is simply because we are indoors more and exposed to others more, people carry germs.

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starts school, you find yourself battling the cold and flu. It is not the cold temperature that gives us a cold or flu, but rather the microorganisms that move from person to person during the “cold and flu season” that make us sick.

CHF # 74

SOD-Pau D’


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep our immune svstems boosted during these times in hopes that it might keep us from getting sick? Of course it would and we may have a few sug-

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gestions. First, it is very important for everyone to have a good multi vitamin to support the

designed to

body’s every need. CHF#57 is our basic, but well balanced, multi vitamin for teens and adults.

stimulate and activate the

We also have CHF#57S & #57SP which have extra added vitamins and minerals for the more

immine and acmare me immine

deficient bodies. CHF#3 Vitamin C is a non ascorbic acid form of vitamin C. CHF#74 SOD-

system for prevention and correc tion or degenerative diseases.

Pau D’Arco stimulates the immune system especially in degenerative diseases. Next in line is

silveroside Dismalasers is a1

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CHF#40 Colostrum, which is the first breast milk that babies receive. It is full of nutrients and dreaded “Free Radical’ which

man consider the common de.

natural immune boosters and a great way to jump start the immune system. CHF#93 Vitamin

mommaororal deGene alive

D is another supplement needed to support the immune svstem.

diseases. SOD also works with catalase. which also helos m de-

If vou happen to catch a cold or flu vou can try CHF#19 Olive Leaft that may help heal

tense of trpe radicals It has other

faster, CHF#36 Vit A may be very good for clearing excess mucus and sinus pressure

known defense in gredients like bee pollen

CHF#78 Propolis Plus is great immune booster for children and may help heal faster.

glutathione and much more.

CHF#11 Vit C Energy Drink is packed full of vitamin C and may also help the body replenish electrolytes to stay hydrated. Get plenty of sleep, the body need time to rest and recuperate and sleep is a great thing.

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CHF#3 & CHF#74 the

month of November





We would like to introduce Dr. Mark Kennington. He will be joining the Country Health Clinic team starting November 1 3th.

He is a distinguished chiropractor with a master’s degree in func-tonal nutrition. Through his commitment to a personalized approach to nutrition and exercises, he has consistently helped patients facilitate the attainment of health and wellness objectives, whether it pertains to enhancing athletic performance, managing chronic health conditions, or fostering a sense of optimal well being.