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All-Natural Doctor Formulated Supplements

Our supplements are labeled numerically.#1-#105
Have a question? Call us! We are a small business and are ready to help!

Your Source for All-Natural Nutritional Supplements

Country Health Clinic invites you to look around the website! We have a well trained staff to ensure that everything you purchase is of the highest quality and greatest efficacy.

We have all-natural nutritional supplements, nutritional support for most conditions and diseases. Not sure what’s best for you? Call or e-mail and we’ll point you in the right direction.

We like to pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Here you will find only all-natural ingredients formulated for the best absorption and retention. We make it ourselves to ensure it’s right.


*Pictured is our Theta Pod

What our customers have to say:

I love your Newsletters

I love your Newsletters and especially the Supplements – the very best there is! I’ve used them for years – I’m 82 and take no medicine which I attribute to Drs Country Health Supps. And I will add – when young had bladder infections continually for so many years. I… Read more “I love your Newsletters”

Theta Testimonial

My name is Tiffany, and my 8 year old son’s name is Mason. Mason wasn’t ever diagnosed with Autism, but school psychologists suggested that he may be on the spectrum. He had a speech delay and still had had speech and language issues and gross motor skill issues since he… Read more “Theta Testimonial”

Tiffany and Mason Kilcup

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