We’ve had some bad flu

We hope this finds everyone well. We’ve had some bad flu, but we are recovering by taking plenty of CHF# 36, CHF# 49, and CHF# 40. They sure make a difference!

Willis is also getting better. He can wash dishes, milk the goat and still do some light work in the shop. I feel like the CHF# 89 is making a difference for him. Thinking back, he has come a long way. Yes, he still has a ways to go, but it’s great to see him improve. Since he has started with the CHF# 89, I’ve been able to cut back on some of the other supplements, not a lot, but some. THANK YOU for your support. You’ve been a great team to work with.

restless legs

I have always had restless legs and especially at night. My husband says it is like I am riding a bike all night long. When I was introduced to CHF#2 Cal-Mag quite a few years ago I found that it quieted my legs and I do not even have any problems when I am faithfully taking the supplement. Sometimes I have run out and since I am 1000 miles away, I will go to the local health store and get a cal-mag supplement, but it never does the job of CHF#2 Cal-Mag. I have tried many other brands, but they do ot help me like the Country Health products do. Thanks to Dr. Klassen and his staff.

CHF #32 Prostat for years and it really has helped

My husband has been using CHF #32 Prostat for years and it really has helped the frequent urination and other prostate problems. Several years ago he ran out and we decided to go to the health food store and get a prostate herbal blend. He took it for a while and all his symptoms came back. He doesn’t like taking stuff, but he really fusses at me to reorder when he has only one bottle of CHF #32 Prostat left.

CHF#33 Heart has helped my heart

CHF#33 Heart has helped my heart to stay strong and actually show improvement. My cardiologist is still trying to figure out why my heart isn’t deteriorating anymore. Thank you for a life saving formula.

I start taking the CHF #56 Colloidal Silver and get amazing results

Thank you for the CHF #56 Colloidal Silver. Every time I get an infection I start taking the CHF #56 Colloidal Silver and get amazing results. We don’t know what we would do without any of your vitamins. Thank you so much for all your help!

I wouldn’t do without it

CHF# 40 Colostrum! I wouldn’t do without it. It helps my immune system. I hardly ever get a cold or the flu.

He was so impressed, he asked for a bottle

I am 87 years old. I recently went to my ophthalmologist. He detected that the macular degeneration was GONE in my eyes. He wanted to know what I had done. I told him I was taking CHF 87 Bright Eye. He was so impressed, he asked for a bottle of CHF 87. Thank you Dr. Klassen. Remember this Dr. Klassen, “It is your fault I am still living.”

Today, I am off all those medications

I came to Dr. Klassen about a year ago with several physical problems, i.e., swollen feet and hands, a lump on my wrist, and an arthritic, sore and bent finger. I was taking many prescriptions. Today, I am off all those medications; I no longer have those problems. My eyesight has improved so that I no longer have to wear glasses to drive the car. I appreciate all the individual care and concern that everyone there has shown me.


My wife test’s vitamins in a lab. She checks the label and has found that the ingredients match specifically with what the label says! This product is excellent! I could not say enough good things about CHF #57S! My wife say’s keep taking it!

Dan P. 8/20/18

Theta Testimonial

My name is Tiffany, and my 8 year old son’s name is Mason. Mason wasn’t ever diagnosed with Autism, but school psychologists suggested that he may be on the spectrum. He had a speech delay and still had had speech and language issues and gross motor skill issues since he was small. We started the theta treatment when he was 7 ½ years old. His writing had been a struggle and he still couldn’t tie his shoes at the time. He also talked in a super high voice. Within a week of starting the theta treatment, he wrote a full paragraph for the first time and learned to tie his shoe. After that, I noticed that Mason was much calmer and had a deeper voice then he previously had had. Overall we are happy with the treatment and think it gave him a boost. His focus is better and he continues to grow and mature. We are very thankful for this treatment option and thankful for the Country Health Clinic!


I love your Newsletters

I love your Newsletters and especially the Supplements – the very best there is! I’ve used them for years – I’m 82 and take no medicine which I attribute to Drs Country Health Supps. And I will add – when young had bladder infections continually for so many years. I heard Dr Klaussen speak locally and had an appt with him in the 90’s – I learned from him and did what he said and have never had bladder/kidney problems since.


Dolores Warner

From Central Illinois

I have a diabetic patient who came to me for blood appraisal on June 1st. His blood sugar was 282! I put him on a protocol including CHF #15 Berberine HCL and he called me today (June 18th), to tell me he is feeling great. Has energy, his blood sugar is stable at 70-92 every day, and he has lost 10 pounds! I put him on: CHF #15 Berberine HCL, #93 Vitamin D, #57C Immune Multi, #24 Adrenl, #22 Zinc, #40 Colostrum, #35 Acidophilus, #49 Olive Leaf + (had a bad infection on his leg…could see down to the bone!), and #12 Liver. He says his wound is healing just fine!!

Thank you for continuing to support us with the most powerful supplements on the market.

Jean Jockisch

From Central Illinois

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