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Dr. Klassen’s Corner – Nuts anyone?

Dr. Klassen’s Corner

In general, nuts are a healthy snack. Studies have shown that eating one-quarter cup of nuts five time a week can add years to your life.

Tree nuts and peanuts (though technically are a legume) are high in beneficial fats, antioxidants and other protective phytochemicals. Nuts such as pecans and walnuts have a form of vitamin E that is not found in most supplements. It may slow the growth of cancer cells according to a study done at Purdue University.

A nut rich diet can lower LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholester-

ol by about one third, the same amount achieved with some statin drugs. A study posted in Circulation Magazine September 10, 2002 stated that eating 25 almonds per day for one month cut bad cholesterol by five percent.

Peanuts and peanut products such as peanut butter also contain the phytosterol beta-sitosterol (SIT), which has been shown to inhibit cancer growth and protect against heart disease. Women who eat five tablespoons of peanut butter each week can reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 20%. Boost your healthy fat intake by eating nuts, avoca-dos, nut butters and supplementing with CHF #43 Omega-3 and CHF #43TG Mega Ome-ga.

Medical Mythology:

“Wheeze, Sneeze, Cough

By: Dr. Glen Mahoney

From June 2007

Do you have a runny nose, watery

After all this, many will still have all

eyes and an itchy, stuffy nose? Do you

the original symptoms and will treat to

sneeze or have dark circles under your eyes?

“allergy testing” and to the “best line of de-

If so, you or at least your friends, have de- fense” which is said to be “avoidance”. cided that you have an allergy.

According to Dr. Guy Schenker,

The American Academy of Allergy,

“The answer to allergy is not avoidance.” It

Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) has ad- is common, after such allergy testing, to find mitted that “there is no real ‘cure’ for aller- 20 foods to avoid only to be followed in a gies, so control is the best line of defense”.

year with more testing and an additional 20

This immediately indicated a multi- foods to be avoided.

stage program. First you try one or more of

Since allergies are known to be a

the over-the-counter drugs advertised on

“toxic body” crying for oxygen, we believe

T.V. You may find relief with few enough there is a better way. This alternative way side-effects to be among the lucky few. If no uses herbs, natural anti-histaminic agents, relief is found, your next step is with your immune stimulants, vitamins as anti-local allopathic physician, who “practices allergens, glandulars as immune defense medicine” by trying many prescription drugs and specific homeopathics. Country Health from the Physician’s Desk Reference. He or

Formulas (CHF) have been researched and

she will also be happy to give you one or may be at hand to help in the form of CHF more drugs to counter the “side effects” of

#25 Breathe Clean.

the drugs you have taken.




Studies suggest that Omega-3 may be helpful

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tions. These may include High Cholesterol. High Blood Pres.

sure, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes. Weight Loss. Arthr-

tis. Depression Disorders.

Cancers, and the list goes on.

A good source for the Povun-saturated fatty acids that our bodies need.


CHF #25

Breathe Clean

Many people allergies. This

formula mav

prevent people from having to take alerov shots. It also mav

help to repair weakened 1in-

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