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Dr. Klassen’s Corner

If you had a drug that had more than 44,000 adverse reports to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) including delirium, hallucinations, convulsions aggressions, psychosis and more than 1,000 suicides could you with a clear conscious promote it to school children? According to an article in “American Free Press” if you were a major drug producer and the drug was Prozac, the answer would be yes!

Dr. Candice Pert said, “I am alarmed at the monster that John Hopkins neu-

CHF #2

Cal Mag

Calcium is a mmer.

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roscientist Solomon Snyder and I created”. Peter Breggin M.D. claims that the company “knew from early on, and suppressed, that Prozac has a dangerous

hones and teeth anc

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stimulating effect similar to amphetamines and cocaine”. He also claims that “in controlled studies

the maintenance of a regular heart.

for the FDA, Prozac’s beneficial effect was no better then a sugar pill’. Dr. Breggin also claims that

marismission or mere

in a clinical trial, six percent of the kids on Prozac turned psychotic.

impulses. When taken at bedtime, it maw also hely promote a resthil

In light of this report, why not try putting these children on a vitamin program to help normalize

night’s sleep. A calcium deficien.

their bodies before resorting to drugs. A line-up of the following vitamins taken daily just might be

cy may result in the followmg symptoms: muscle crame

the trick.

mess. near

palpitations, brittle

CHF #2 Cal/Mag- Take one twice daily with meals

pertension aching

ioits. tooth decav. and many

CHF #39 Oral Chelation- Use as directed for adults. Age 4-6 take ¼ of adult dose, age 6-8 take

other svmotoms. Magnesium 15

½ adult dose, and age 8-12 take ¾ of adult dose

vital to enzvme activitv. It assists in calcium and potassium uptake.

CHF #48 Energe- Take one capsule for every 30 pounds of body weight

CHF #2 Cal Mag has been formu-

• CHF #57S Immune Multi Super- Take 2 capsules for every 30 pounds of body weight

lated with equal amounts of calcium and magnesium to help your

CHF #18 B-Complex- Take one capsule in the morning for those who weigh 30-60 pounds, and body absoro the nutrients. for 60 pounds and up, take one capsule in the morning, and one at noon

CHF #41 Parasit- Take one capsule per 50 pounds of body weight for 30 consecutive days

• CHF #11 Vit. C Energy Drink- Mix ½ scoop daily

CHF #39

Oral Chelation

These items along with an all natural, sugar, preservative and caffeine free diet just may be enough to help keep your child’s body normalized and away from the drugs that may harm them even worse than helping them.

Medical Mythology: Let’s Talk About Air

A proprietary blend that may help cleanse the bodv of

Toxins and near metals. Not for

children, expecting


mothers or per

with kidney disease

By: Dr. Glen Mahoney

From August 2007

Let us begin by reminding ourselves about the

three mile We can survive for three weeks without food, for three days without water, but only three minutes without oxygen in the air. Let us also remind ourselves that the energy needs of the body are supplied 90% from oxygen and only 10% from food and water. One last reminder, only a few hundred years ago the earth’s air was 35% oxygen. Today the earth’s air contains 21% oxygen and with more and more pollution. “Things just ain’t what they use to be.” In fact. many practitioners are well aware that oxygen deficiency is a contributing factor in many diseases. All this is the reason for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). However before we begin our discussion of HBOT, it’s time for the “disclaimer”. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seems to be more than negatively inclined toward HBOT.

Having heard what the FDA believes, we will now quote from “HealthL ink”: a newsletter from the Medical College of Wisconsin

Oxygen is essential for proper healing of bodily tissues, whether it’s skin, muscle, or bone. In most cases. the act of breathing combined with a health network of veins and arteries provide enough oxygen for the body tissues to heal.

However, in certain circumstances, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is used to substantially increase oxygen flow within tissues to improve healing. The undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society has approved the use of hyperbaric oxygen for several other conditions besides the bends.

These conditions include: air or gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, crush injuries, problem wounds, anemia/blood loss, intra-

cranial abscess soft tissue infections bone infections radiation therapy complications, skin grafts, and bums. Of special note in this list, of which many are infections, is the futher statement that “bacterial infection eats away

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