CHF #42B Catalystic Water


For use in assisting the intake of nutrients and oxygen with added Lignites. (For skin conditions or rashes, spray directly on the skin)



  1. What is Aqua Water Concentrate?

Simply put, Aqua Water Concentrate is a catalyst which, when added to ordinary water,  helps change the structure of the water molecule and makes ordinary water more reactive.  The possible benefits of this new, more reactive water are many and varied.

  1. What are some of the benefits of Aqua Water?

One of the immediate benefits of drinking Aqua Water may be improved nutrient assimilation.  Because the water has been made more reactive by the addition of the catalyst, digestion may becomes more complete, allowing more of the nutrients in our food to be absorbed into our system.  Aqua Water can be used for drinking and cooking purposes as it is 100% safe and non-toxic.  Dr. Willard has said that the greater activity of Aqua Water also seems to aid in the breakdown and removal of waste from the system.

  1. Can Aqua Water help relieve stress on the system?

One of the immediate benefits of drinking Aqua Water is an increase in the ability to tolerate stress.  Many people say that drinking the water just makes them feel better, although they can’t put a finger on any specific thing.  One simple, but effective demonstration of Aqua Water’s stress reduction capability involves a simple blood test.  The blood of a person under a significant amount of stress usually contains a large amount of peroxides and free radicals, which show up under a microscope as a network of white dots and threads.  One hour after drinking Aqua Water, another blood sample will show that these effects of stress will be eliminated or greatly reduced.

  1. In practical terms, what does relief from stress mean?

Although it is forbidden by the Food and Drug Administration to make claims for a product not classified as a drug, many users of Aqua Water say it helps ease pain and speed healing of burns and injuries, helps plants grow larger and in general improves the health and well-being of plants, animals and humans.

  1. How is Aqua Water Concentrate used?

There are two different types of Aqua Water; the regular CHF 42A concentrate and a dark variety called CHF 42B concentrate.  To make one gallon of CHF 42A water, add ONE ounce of the CHF 42A concentrate to one gallon of “good” water.  To make one gallon of the dark CHF 42B water, add TWO ounces of the CHF 42B concentrate to one gallon of “good” water.

  1. What is considered “good” water?

While distilled and reverse osmosis waters are pure, they lack minerals to attach to, therefore, spring or filtered waters are generally the best and may be used with the CHF 42A or 42B concentrates.

  1. What is the difference between the clear CHF 42A concentrate and the Dark CHF 42B concentrate?

The CHF 42A clear concentrate and CHF 42B dark concentrate both contain the same “active ingredient” which Dr. Willard refers to as the “Catalyst Altered Water Micelle” (pronounced my-cell).  This Aqua Micelle consists of sodium meta silicate, sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate.  The only difference between the CHF 42A and the CHF 42B is that the dark CHF 42B contains a greater concentration of an extract that Dr. Willard calls “soluble refined lignite”.  The clear CHF 42A also contains the “soluble refined lignite” but it is found in higher concentration in the CHF 42B.  This is the reason the CHF 42B has a darker color than the CHF 42A.

  1. How can the CHF 42B be used as a fertilizer?

CHF 42B can be sprayed on seeds before covering with soil.  To enhance and aid in the growth of live plants, water once a month with CHF 42B water.  In between, water as usual and spray plants and foliage occasionally with CHF 42B water.  The results will amaze you.

  1. Can I drink both the CHF 42A water and the CHF 42B water?

Yes, both are equally effective and 100% safe and non-toxic.

  1. Which one does Dr. Klassen recommend for drinking purposes?

While both are equally effective and safe, Dr. Klassen recommends that each individual try both products to determine which is most effective for them.  A suggestion he often gives is that a person alternate between the two products, using one for a month and then switching to the other for another month, alternating between the two every other month.

  1. Can the CHF 42A and the CHF 42B improve the quality of tap water?

In a recent interview, Dr. Willard was quoted as saying, “Tap water can contain one or more of the following:  Sodium, arsenic, lead, cadmium, sulfates, radioactive contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, organic chemicals, chlorides, fluorides, bacteria, and viruses.  In regular language, non-dissolved minerals, gasses, pollutants, decayed organic matter, bacteria and just plain dirt can be in tap water.  CHF 42A and CHF 42B  concentrates contain natural bactericides, antibiotics and germicidals that destroy any organisms that may be present.  CHF 42A and 42B will also destroy any chlorine that is present in the water immediately.  I have had people with the most sophisticated instruments test for the chlorine ion after the CHF 42A or 42B is added and there is none present”.

  1. How much CHF 42A or 42B does Dr. Klassen recommend drinking every day?

I suggest starting with four ounces after mixing either the CHF 42Aor CHF 42B water per day.  You may increase this amount after about a week.  I know of thousands of individuals who have good results by taking anywhere from one ounce per day up to one-half gallon per day.

  1. Can CHF 42A or 42B water be taken with a vitamin/mineral program?

CHF 42A and 42B water are especially effective when taken with a vitamin/mineral program.  Because both aid in nutrient assimilation and absorption, vitamin and mineral supplements taken with either CHF 42A or 42B will be more readily assimilated and utilized by the body.

  1. What are some of the other uses of CHF 42A and CHF 42B water other than for drinking and for use on plants?

CHF 42A and CHF 42B water may be used anywhere ordinary water is used.  Some of the uses reported are for use when brushing teeth and shampooing hair.  Some have reported that hair that has been washed in these waters has an increase in the diameter shaft and reflects more lights, giving added sheen to the hair.  Many individuals who use these products when they brush their teeth claim that they have less plaque build-up, and less breath odor.  Again, it seems that CHF 42A and 42B water’s penetrating and dispersing ability helps remove plaque and food deposits from on and between the teeth.

  1. Can CHF 42A and CHF 42B water be sprayed on the skin?

Some of the most miraculous stories concerning these products pertain to its topical application to the skin for everything from sunburn to acne.  Many people also use 4-6 ounces of the CHF 42A or 42B water in their bath water to help relieve common muscle stiffness and pain.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz





DESCRIPTION:  A wetting agent designed to allow water to be more quickly assimilated by the body.

INDICATIONS:  Use CHF #42A & CHF #42B in assisting in the uptake of nutrients.

FORMULATION:                       Amount per serving            %DV


Protein………………………………………………..0 g……………………….<2%

Carbohydrates…………………………………….0 g……………………….<2%

Fat………………………………………………………0 g……………………….<2%

Sodium (Metasilicate)……………………1977 ppb…………………….<2%

Calcium (Chloride)………………………..10.18 ppb…………………….<2%

Magnesium (Sulfate)………………..…….38.4 ppb…………………….<2%


OTHER INGREDIENTS:  Water, Fossilized Organics, and  Sulfated Castor Oil.


CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes.  Contents may cause mild irritation when in contact with eyes if used in concentrated form.


#42A  Shake well before using. Mix one ounce (two tablespoons) to one gallon of water.  Drink two glasses per day.

#42B  Shake well before using. Mix two ounces (four tablespoons) to one gallon of water. Drink two glasses per day or as directed.


SUPPLIED:  8 fluid ounces or one (1) gallon.

The 42B has Lignite added to it.



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