CHF# 53 Refill Cartridge


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Refill cartridge for water filter system.
Our filter system will properly filter your water!
Stage 1: Traps sediment
Stage 2: Exceptional de-chlorination and heavy metal removal
Stage 3: Fine Sediment trap
Stage 4: 30 cubic inches of activated carbon removes pesticides, radon, mercury, herbicides, chlorine, and trihalomethanes
Stage 5: Fine Sediment Trap
Stage 6: 7 cubic inches of ION exchange resinñ Removes LEAD well below EPA levels
Stage 7: Sediment Trap
Stage 8: 2nd layer of GAC to provide extra protection against cancer causing organic pollutants
Stage 9: Calcite layer to raise water pH thereby lowering acidity
Stage 10: A one micron absolute depth filter designed to screen out particles and organisms larger that 1 micron in size. Water has sparkling clarity.


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Weight 35 oz


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