CHF #99 Beta 1,3 Glucan




*Expired products are safe to take, they are just a little less potent.*

May help with cholesterol levels, digestion, blood sugar levels, and weight control.

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CHF #99

Beta Glucan… 

"...Perhaps the Greatest Immune-Enhancing Supplement Known to Man"

Beta glucan is unknown to a majority of the general public. Many health researchers consider it to be one of the most effective immune enhancing substances ever discovered. Beta-glucan is a fiber-type complex sugar (polysaccharide) derived from the cell wall of baker’s yeast, oat and barley fiber, and many medicinal mushrooms, such as maitake. In their natural states, yeast and mushrooms contain a mixture of beta-1,3-glucan and beta-1,6-glucan

Conditions where Beta Glucan may be effective:

Tumor prevention or protection: Beta glucan is a naturally derived polysaccharide which has been studied for its anti-tumor and immune stimulating properties. The carbohydrate polymers exert potent effects on the immune system - stimulating anti-tumor and antimicrobial activity, for example; receptors on macrophages and other white blood cells and activating them. Beta glucan was shown to greatly delay mortality in mice exposed to whole-body X-ray radiation and tumor growth in tumor-bearing

Diabetes and blood sugar control/Cholesterol issues: Beta glucan may be helpful in blood sugar control. The addition predictably reduces the glycemic index. In a 50 g carbohydrate portion each gram of beta-glucan reduces the glycemic index by 4 units, making it a useful functional food component for reducing postprandial glycemia. It has also been tested for cholesterol level support. Beta glucan has been studied in blood sugar and cholesterol management. Barley, like oats, is a rich source of this soluble fiber. Oat-derived beta-glucan significantly improves HDL Cholesterol and diminishes LDL Cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol in overweight individuals.

Heart disease: Randomized controlled crossover study of the effect of a highly beta-glucan-enriched barley on cardiovascular disease risk factors in mildly hypercholesterolemic men.

Colon health: Dietary supplementation with beta-glucan enriched oat bran increases faecal concentration of carboxylic acids in healthy subjects.

Additional information

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#99 “BETA 1,3 GLUCAN”


DESCRIPTION:  A fiber-type complex sugar (polysaccride) derived from the cell wall of bakers yeast, oat and barley fiber, and many varieties of mushrooms.

INDICATIONS:  Using CHF #99 may be helpful in normalizing blood sugar control, diabetes, and cholesterol. May also help with colon health and enhancing the immune system.


Each one (1) scoop contains:               Amount per serving         %DV

Beta 1,3 Glucan (Barley)……………………………….**………………….**

**Daily value not established

SUGGESTED USE:  As a dietary supplement, one (1) teaspoon twice daily or as directed. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician before taking this or any supplement. Keep out of the reach of children.

SUPPLIED:  30 servings per bottle



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