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Scents You Should Know…EO 03 Bergamot

EO #03 Bergamot has a fresh, sweet, citrusy scent that is

derived trom the bee of the per-

gamot orange fruit. It is com-moniv usegin aromaneraoy tor its uplifting and calming proper-ties.

Bergamot beels used in

perfumery for its ability to combine with an arrav of scents to form a bouquet of

dromas which complement each ower.

Approximate v one third of all men’s per-tumes contain bergamot essential oil and about half of women’s. Bergamot was a component ot the original tau de Cologne developed in 17th century Germany.

Bergamot oil is useful for digestive difficulties by stimulating the production of

gicestve enzvmes. releves o oaune and eases symptoms of indigestion and nau-sea.

cial for skin health. It also may promote wound healing and soothe skin irritations when applied topically and diluted

with a carrier oIl

It has analgesic (pain-relieving) proper-ties, which help alleviate discomfort associ-

ated with headaches, muscle tension. and minor inluries.

Due to its antibacterial properties, bergamot oil is beneficial for oral health. It can help combat bacteria that causes bad breath, plaque buildup, and gum disease.

Bergamot essential oil offers a diverse range of potential benefits. When used responsibly and in moderation, bergamot oil

can be a valua. ble addition to your natural health and wellness routine.

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Expired product but still maintains its nutritional value.

Bergamot oil posses antiseptic and antibacterial properties making it benefi-

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