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Women’s Health

The ovaries are ductless reproductive glands in which the female reproductive cells are pro-duced. It is held bv a membrane beside the uterus on each side of the lower abdomen and is normall firm and smooth and about the size

of an almond. The ovaries secretes the sex hormones estrogen and progester-one, which regulate menstruation and control the development of the sex or-gans. The sex hormones and the other hormones interact with each other to control the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the ovaries expel an egg for the purpose of reproduction. When an egg matures, it is released and passes into the fallopian tube towards the uterus. If the ovum is fertilized b the male reproductive cell or sperm, conception happens and pregnancy begins.

The uterus, commonly known as the womb, is a hollow muscular organ of the female reproductive system that is responsible for the development of the embryo and fetus during pregnancy. The uterus is approximately the shape and size of a pear and sits in an inverted position within the pelvic cavity of the torso.

However, during pregnancy the uterus can stretch large enough to hold a full term baby. It is also an incredibly strong organ, able to contract forcefully to propel a full term baby out of the body during childbirth.

Health to the female reproductive system is very important. There are several conditions ranging from painful menstrual cycles, excessive menstrual bleed-ing, endometriosis, fibroids, uterine prolapse and polycystic ovarian syndrome to uterine and ovarian cancers which can affect the uterus and ovaries and lead to infertility, urinary incontinence and even death.

Country Health Clinic has several formulas that may benefit the female reproductive system. As always, a multi vitamin is very important. Depending on your age and condition, we have CHF#57 or CHF#57S formulas available. Our CHF#27 Ovary/ Uterus formula provides nourishment to those particular areas of the bod. CHF#66 Hormone Support Cream for Females may help to stabilize the hormones created by the ovaries. CHF#2 Cal/Mag may help support bones and may help to reduce menstrual cramping. CHF#22 Zinc may help with the production of healthy, strong eggs. Your lifestyle choices may be beneft-cial as well, like staying active, eating whole, nutritious meals and taking care of vour mental health.

CHF #27

Ovary/ Uterus

A speciallv processed


Uterus Glandular Con-

centrate (Bovine) in a svner-

g1stic combination of micron-

la containing amino acids. vitamins minerals and hers all of which nutritional v sun.

Dort and normalize ovarian and uterine finction


Hormone Support

Cream Female

A natural soothing cream that may help female hormone related symptoms and dvstinctions like hot flashes. mood swings, weight fluc tuation, hormone

[imbalance. acne and more

Cream includes wild yam extract and oter compounas.

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