CHF #58 Colloidal Minerals 4 oz.


Supports vibrant health, stress relief, & mental clarity. We all need minerals. 100% Plant-Derived, 72 organic colloidal trace minerals.


CHF #58

Colloidal Minerals

It is unfortunate news from our leading nutritional authorities, that 99% of the American people are deficient in minerals and that a mere deficiency in any one of 70 or more important minerals can result in disease. Minerals are needed to maintain health and fight off disease. Mineral deficiencies are a result of many health-related problems.

Millions of cells die each day and must be replaced. Vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and all of the complex substances the body needs to build new and healthy cells are dependent on minerals. Minerals are the basic building block of all living things. The human body cannot achieve or maintain good health without a full spectrum of essential minerals as part of a daily diet. Many researchers agree that cell breakdown is a result of these missing trace minerals and can lead to degenerative disease. Those minerals that are difficult to obtain are the essential trace minerals.

CHF #58 is 72 organic colloidal minerals in concentrated liquid form. CHF#58 is 100% plant-derived. It is a highly concentrated natural source that may be able to meet the deficiencies you may be lacking. CHF #58 is broken down in an ION state giving it the ability to be absorbed through the walls of the intestine and colon at a much greater rate than minerals in a capsule form. An ion is the smallest component a mineral can exist within and is the size the body requires allowing individual cells to absorb colloidal minerals. This liquid mineral will help rejuvenate your bodies entire electrical system. The essential trace minerals in this pure natural source will help to replace that missing link not found in our daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Each 4 Fl. oz. (118 ml) is a highly concentrated natural source of minerals and colloidal trace minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, iron, iodine, copper, cobalt, zinc, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, aluminum, antimony, barium, bismuth, cadmium, sodium, cesium, carbon, lithium, nickel, platinum, rubidium, silver, strontium, silicon, tungsten, tin, titanium, tantalum, thorium, vanadium, zirconium, yttrium.  PLUS:  There are varying occurrences and trace amounts of thorium, fluorine, praseodymium, lanthanum, gold, bromine, samarium, holmium, dysprosium, thulium, rhenium, oxygen, niobium, thallium, rubidium, nitrogen, cerium, europium, lutetium, scandium, tellurium, rhodium, arsenic, holmium, yttrium, iridium, gallium, ceslym, zirconium, osmium, palladium, hydrogen, ytterbium, indium, germanium, hafnium, beryllium, gadolinium, samarium, terbium and erbium.


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Weight 4 oz




Description: 100% Plant derived. Organic colloidal trace minerals. We all need minerals. Our bodies require 84 minerals to maintain optimum health. Industrial farming has depleted our soils of their natural mineral supply. This product contains 72 of the essential minerals and provides an easy and effective way to nourish your body with many of these missing nutrients.


Serving Size: 30 Drops

Servings Per Bottle: 70 servings

Amount Per Serving               %DV

Plant Derived Colloidal………………………….75%

Minerals (Fulvic Acid)……………………………**

Each four (4) fluid ounce is a highly concentrated natural source of minerals and colloidal trace minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, Iodine, Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenium, Selenium, Aluminum, Antimony, Barium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Sodium, Cesium, Carbon, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Rubidium, Silver, Strontium, Silicon, Tingsten, Tin, Titanium, Tantalum, Thorium, Vanadium, Zirconium, and Yttrium. Plus varying occurrence and trace amounts of: Thorium, Flourine, Praseodymium, Lanthanum, Gold, Bromine, Samarium, Holium, Disprosium, Thulium, Rhenium, Oxygen, Niobium, Thallium, Rubidium, Nitrogen, Cerium, Europium, Litetium, Scandium, Tellurim, Rhodium, Arsenic, Holmium, Yttrium, Irdium, Gallium, Ceslym, Zirconium, Osmium, Palladium, Hydrogen, Ytterbium, Indium, Germanium, Hafnium, Beryllium, Gadolinum, Sanarium, Terbium, Erbium.

**Daily Value not established

SUGGESTED USE: Add 30 drops to water or your favorite beverage once or twice daily. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult with your healthcare professional before using this product.

CONTAINS NO: Artificial colors, preservatives, pesticides, gluten, corn, sugar, yeast, diary or GMO’s.

SUPPLIED: 4 fluid ounce (118 ml)

2 year shelf life.


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Suggested use of vitamin, mineral, and herbal formulas

We strongly advise the regular use of a multi-vitamin to enhance overall health and address a variety of conditions. Our specifically formulated products, CHF#57C, CHF#57S, and CHF#57SP, are highly recommended to meet your nutritional needs. To ensure maximum effectiveness and absorption, it is best to take all vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements alongside meals unless advised otherwise by a healthcare professional.

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Suggested use of essential oils

Mix one or two drops of desired essential oil to a small amount of a carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. For general use, the oils can be applied to the bottom of feet and/or painful areas. If burning occurs do not wash area with water, but instead add more carrier oil. To prevent contamination of oil, do not touch top of bottle to any part of the body. It is best to avoid the following oils during pregnancy: Ajowan, Aniseed, Basil, Bay Leaf, Bitter Almond, Camphor, Cedarwood, Clove Leaf, Clove Stem, Cornmint, Davana, Hyssop, Jasmin, Mandarin, Marjoram, Mugwort, Myrrh, Oregano, Parsley Seed, Patchouli, Pennyroyal, Petitgrain, Rue, Sage, Sandalwood, Savin, Savory, Spearmint, Sweet Birch, Tagetes, Tansy, Tarragon, Thuja, Thyme (all types), Wormwood, Ylang-Ylang.

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